The France & Colonies Group was organized in 1941 by seventeen philatelists who were interested in the stamps and postal history of France and the French Community. It was incorporated in 1961 as the FRANCE AND COLONIES PHILATELIC SOCIETY, INC. (New York, nonprofit). Since then, the society has been home for the many collectors who enjoy, study, exhibit, and otherwise appreciate French philately The Society's interest in French philately includes the Colonies, Offices Abroad, Monaco, Europa, Territories, and New Independent Republics. Our goal is to add to your knowledge and pleasure of collecting through meetings, exhibits, and publications.

The Society is nonprofit and not commercial. Membership is open to anyone interested in this field, subject to acceptance by the Membership Committee.

Current dues are noted on the Membership Application Form. There are two membership categories: Resident Members, for those residing within the United States, and Foreign Members, for those residing in all other countries. The slightly higher membership fee for Foreign Members is to offset overseas mailing costs. Applications received prior to September 1 are treated as current year applications - such new members will receive back issues of the PHILATELIST for the year, and will be billed for the next year beginning January.

Please use the Online Membership Form and pay by PayPal.

Or download, print, and mail the Membership Application Form (PDF) to the Secretary with payment.