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June 26, 2022, 2 PM EDT - Mike Bass
"France in the Promised Land 1792-1948 - The Christian French nation has a longstanding relationship with the Promised Land, beginning when Napoleon decided in the late 18th century to conquer the Near East and open up pathways to India and beyond. France has maintained a presence in the Holy Land utilizing Capitulation Treaties with the Ottomans from the 16th century and set up formal postal operations in 1852. When WWI erupted in 1914, those post offices closed, yet France sent troops allied with the British to invade Sinai and Palestine, which ended 500 years of ruling the Holy Land. This talk shows French troop mail from the region during the war. France even maintained consulates in Jerusalem and issued stamps and postmarks on the eve of Israel's statehood in 1948 as a service to French citizens."
July 24, 2022, 2 PM EDT - Loic Dufresne de Virel
"Forgeries of the Group type: Focus on the work of François Fournier - This presentation starts with an overview of the breadth and scope of Fournier's activities, before focusing on the Albums assembled by the Philatelic Union of Geneva and their French Colonies content. It concludes with a few original items of the Group type, including some seldom seen on the market."
September 25, 2022, 2 PM EDT - Ed Grabowski
"Fun for a Penny - The French Area One Centime Rate has always fascinated me, including simple 1c rates and wrapper-banded postcards. Examples from France can be readily found; examples from the offices and colonies are much rarer. I had a few examples of simple 1c rates franked with Group Type. I foolishly thought about doing a one-frame exhibit on the 1c frankings, but finally thought better of it. Some ramblings in this area will be presented."
October 23, 2022, 2 PM EDT - Jeff Bonn
"The 'Experimental' Franco-British Accountancy Markings of August 1852 - These accountancy markings were authorized for use only during the very short eight day period between 18 and 25 August 1852. This presentation will describe the intended use of these 'experimental' accountancy markings, and show examples of all the known letters exchanged during the limited period in which these handstamps were used."
November 18, 2022 2 PM EDT - Everyone
"Show & Tell - Members should come prepared to talk about one or two interesting philatelic items. Send a scan (JPG file is best) and a few words of description to Ken Nilsestuen will assemble a PowerPoint program for the meeting, and each of us will talk about our own submitted item(s)."

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